Dry Needling Therapy

Experience targeted relief with dry needling, a technique that effectively addresses muscular tension and pain.

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Dry needling is a specialized technique where very fine needles are inserted into myofascial trigger points to relieve muscle pain and improve range of motion. At Perkins Chiropractic, Dr. Perkins employs this technique with precision and care, targeting areas of tightness and discomfort that contribute to your pain and functional limitations.

This method is particularly effective for athletes, individuals with repetitive stress injuries, and those with chronic pain conditions. It is a key component of a comprehensive treatment plan that may include chiropractic adjustments, therapeutic exercises, and other modalities to promote healing and functional improvement.

Unlocking Muscular Harmony

Further explain the therapeutic effects of dry needling, such as increased circulation, reduced inflammation, and the release of endorphins, which are the body's natural painkillers.

  • Relieves muscle tension and soreness
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion
  • Accelerates recovery from sports injuries
  • Complements other chiropractic treatments
  • Aids in managing chronic pain conditions

Provide an overview of what patients can expect during their dry needling session, including duration, sensation, and any follow-up care recommendations.

Enhancing Healing, Enhancing Performance

Speak to the benefits of dry needling for enhancing athletic performance and recovery, and how regular treatments can be part of an active lifestyle.

Summarize the holistic approach of combining dry needling with a personalized wellness plan, emphasizing Dr. Perkins' commitment to each patient’s comprehensive health.

Heal your body, holistically.

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